Conserve the balance.

Humans. Wildlife. Nature.

We need to protect the fragile balance between humans and nature.

As habitable land around the world continues to get impacted by extreme climate conditions such as wildfires, droughts, and floods, so are wars and political instabilities affecting not just humans but wildlife and the natural world around us. Human-wildlife conflict is on the rise, especially in wildland-urban interfaces. We must urgently find ways to reduce such conflicts through a combination of impactful policies and technologies that can operate at scale.

oPen is a technology platform that aims to focus on and solve ways to reduce human-wildlife conflicts. There are many immediate problems we have already begun to solve. We have started by protecting livestock from apex predators to reduce the unnecessary killing of predators by ranchers. We are also connecting animal traps laid in remote locations through a network so trappers can be informed when animals are caught and can respond quickly, preventing thousands of unnecessary deaths.

We are on a mission to save our beautiful planet.

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