A simple and robust livestock pen management system.

A patent-pending (US 63/415,411), Raspberry Pi-based, solar-powered livestock pen management system that allows users to remotely access and control the livestock pen from any device with an Internet connection.

This easy-to-implement solution provides livestock owners with access to:

  • Video monitoring of livestock in and out of the pen
  • Managing access to the pen, preventing apex predators from entering
  • RFID livestock tracking to indicate the number of livestock in and out of the pen
  • Dashboard to manage multiple pens

As humans and wildlife begin to interact more with the loss of habitable land due to climate change and urbanization, conflicts between the two groups must be minimized. A major reason for this conflict is due to the danger of apex predators such as mountain lions injuring or killing livestock in ranching communities, leading to killing of these predators. Livestock pens can be effective in preventing predator attacks, provided that they are managed, doors are closed and there is monitoring.

oPen is currently implemented in the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Center. Learn more:

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Living with Lions / True Wild

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