A simple way to automatically track and monitor one’s water consumption.

This patent-pending (US 63/445,052) IoT system allows one to universally track their personal water consumption from any device, with a simple attachment on any bottle or cup holder.

This system allows users to:

  • Track water consumption, in personal public spaces, utilizing IoT integration
  • Notify users of their personal hydration level
  • View trends in water consumption/hydration levels
  • View insights into personal health by combining hydration levels with time, location, and weather data

Dehydration is a universal health hazard for all walks of life: babies, active youth and adults, athletes, workers in strenuous outdoor jobs, recovering patients, and senior citizens. As temperatures rise due to global warming, this hazard will only exacerbate unless personal water consumption is made easy to track, monitor and notify. 

HydraIoT will do exactly that. It will seamlessly allow individuals and caregivers to track the amount of water consumed in a 24-hour period. A simple unit that can attach to any bottle or be embedded in cupholders in classrooms, theaters, workspaces, and cars will measure the amount of liquid consumed by the individual and send notifications about consumption status to any device. Just like how our heart rate can be tracked from our watches to our phones, water intake can become an embedded metric on our devices. HydraIoT will not only help in improving public health and quality of life, but it will potentially save hundreds and thousands of lives.

HydraIoT: Prototype testing in progress