About Us

oPen was created by Samih Qureshi, a high schooler who divides his time between Sonoma County and the East Bay. He is the co-founder of the non-profit WeLovePi, whose mission is to teach underprivileged students the foundations of robotics. Samih has had rich experiences with nature throughout his childhood, piquing his interest in conservation. The rising problem in both the North Bay and around the globe is a rise of conflict at the wildland-urban interface, caused by an increase in both climate change and urbanization. With his experience with robotics and love for nature, he decided to embark on a mission to alleviate this solution in his community and beyond. In a collaboration with Audubon Canyon Ranch (https://www.egret.org/), Living With Lions / True Wild (https://www.egret.org/living-with-lions), and Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue (https://scwildliferescue.org/), Samih was able to design, prototype, and deploy the first oPen in the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. oPen is a simple, robust, and self-sustaining pen management system that reduces the conflict between farmers and predators. It helps farmers by protecting livestock, and it helps predators by limiting the risk of harm from farmers.Ā